Junior Sailing Lessons take off in Egypt

Our junior sailing lessons are going strong. Pictured here is young sailor lessons in Ain Sokhna.

Young Sailors in Optimist dinghies, Ain Sokhna, Egypt

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2 Responses to Junior Sailing Lessons take off in Egypt

  1. Great, but are you really letting them get in there by themselves? I assume you’re not in the deepest part of the ocean, right? Well, that’s the right thing to do. I must applaud these kids for being strong. Their enthusiasm shows and I also hope they create a strong relationship among the boats, water and nature. 😀

    • skipper says:

      The youth sailing lessons are conducted in a protected bay. Safety is our core value, so they are always under supervision and well within the shore boundaries. DMSC centre is along the Red Sea in Egypt. Passion for sailing is an ageless sport.

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